Emergence (O.)

Title: O.
Duration: 4 minutes
Completion: April 2010
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Director: Jonny Ostrem

Artist's Statement "O." is my graduation project; a four minute short comprised of a small selection from more than 150 sequences expressing a personal vision and plotting a future conceptual trajectory. As a process based piece it was a submission to my senses, allowing for completely spontaneity. In my experimentation I have pursued new methods of image creation, new effects and ways of expanding the expressive possibilities of 3D software.

I believe expressive and creative power lies within intuition or vision. Historically, intuition has been a method to escape the verbal in pursuit of the sublime. 3D/CG animation is a place devoid of such a method as a medium that is conceptually and aesthetically controlled by commercial interests and hindered by arduous technical labor. My animation is a rejection of these industry norms. I am not concerned with standards of image quality or realism. All that is to the end of erasing the boundary between our world and our illusions.

Awards and Screenings
Ottawa International Animation Festival 2010
GIRAF Animation Festival, Calgary 2010
Sommets du cinéma d’animation, Montreal 2010
Presidents Media Award Emily Carr External Grad 2010
Audience Choice Award, Emily Carr External Grad 2010